Colonel Faezira Eleryth

250 year old Dark Elf, Fighter (Eldridge Knight) Colonel of the Shadow Myriad Regiment



  • Dark Skin * Height – 5’10"
  • Bright Red Hair * Weight – 140 Pounds (muscular build)
  • Orange Eyes

Personality Traits

  • Fearless
  • Loyal (Protective and somewhat mothering to those who have earned her loyalty)
  • Can come off as harsh or belittling, may be sharp-tongued at times when the situation calls for it


  • To reunite with her daughter, Ina who was taken from her.
  • To take down the group of Fire Giants that thrive in the Necrosis Bane
    particularly their leader, Vruas.
  • To become a stronger fighter and soldier.


  • Daughter: Ina
  • Other soldiers in the Shadow Myriad Regiment.
  • off-putting personality/ communication skills (tendency to belittle when she feels it necessary)
  • Revenge driven- there is very little she won’t do to get her revenge on the Fire Giants

Faezira was a single mother of her 54 year old half dark elf, half tiefling daughter, Ina.


Faezira and Ina lived in Lith Village, a small community of dark elves, where children could be raised in peace, away from the heckling of the common people. Faezira, along with many of the other dark elves worked to teach the children various skills such as cooking, hunting, as well as house keeping skills so they could soon contribute to the village.

20 years ago, Lith Village was attacked by a thriving group of fire giants from the Necrosis Bane (a volcano not far from Lith Village). The group of fire giants came down and ruthlessly attacked and killed everyone residing in the village. Faezira tried to run with Ina, but became surrounded by the giants. One of them had reached out and grabbed Ina away from her. As she was taken away one of the giants spoke to her captor and said “Let’s not waste any more time, Vruas”.


Vruas, the apparent leader of the giants ran away while the other giants swarmed in on Faezira. She ran as fast as she could through the woods and towards a nearby cliff. Thoughts of her village’s destruction raced through her mind as well as the thought of her daughter being taken away. “How could I have been so weak? Why didn’t I do anything to stop them?” Stopping at the cliff, Faezira looked back as the giants were coming up close behind her, there was no way to escape. In a moment of despair, she jumped off of the cliff and into the sea.

Faezira awoke, floating in the sea as a ship approached her nearly lifeless body. The ship had a militant appearance. She soon learned this ship belonged to soldiers in the Shadow Myriad Regiment, an army of soldiers that patrols nearby areas to protect the innocent from the destruction of monsters. Faezira couldn’t help but cry as she told her story to the soldiers and thanked them for saving her life. She expressed to them how weak she had felt and was ashamed she could do nothing to defend her village. After her body had healed from injuries, Faezira had decided she would get revenge on the Fire Giants. She joined the Shadow Myriad as a soldier.

Faezira became one of the strongest soldiers in the regiment and had been honored for killing hundreds of monsters. The colonel of the regiment had stepped down and named Faezira as the new colonel.

Faezira has now been in the Shadow Myriad for 20 years. She is relatively new to the position of colonel, but is becoming very well-known and respected for her status. She is still seeking strength and knowledge in combat. She will stop at nothing to get revenge on Necrosis Bane and reunite with her daughter.

Colonel Faezira Eleryth

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